Monday, 1 September 2014


Warbike Project

The last month has been dominated by the WW1 motorcycle project. The 1914 motorcycling blog has been live since July and tells the story of the events leading up to and during the war. We have uncovered fasinating stories of those who were thrust into battle on motorcycles, having previously been battling against one another on the track. The Blog is available at

Vernon Busby and A.J Sproston are at the top of the list for a follow up and the plan is to place their biographies in the Brooklands Museum library.

The Classic Motorcyle Magazine

We are pleased to report that a summary of our Military Motorcycle research appears on page 62 of the current edition of the magazine.

Brooklands 100

On Sunday 3 August a large crowd gathered at Brooklands Museum to comemorate the start of World War One. Many period cars and four motorcycles were displayed at the event and the crowd were also treated to a fly past by the WW1 display team.